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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: the rain stopped suddenly. did you notice? geoff: the storm cleared up. craig: yeah, the storm cleared up. robin tell us who your friend is. >> hello, everyone. this is mindy! [applause] craig: mindy who works for the audience company that rallies the hobos together every day. and you put your friends in the audience. >> i did. craig: right down in the front where i could see her.
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>> she drove me to work. craig: you guys are just crazy perky. it is driving me nuts. >> you like it! [laughter] craig: ha ha ha. geoff: ha ha ha. craig: you have renewed my faith. my heart has grown three sizes today. geoff: gee willikers, craig. craig: hot dog, everybody. good night. say good night, everybody! ,,,,,,
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. this is kpix 5 news. the old bay bridge is closed for good, the work already underway tonight. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm allen martin live at the bay bridge. it has taken us 24 years to get to where we are tonight. what a journey it has been. it began with the loma earth yak in october of 1989. that earthquake shook the bay area, and it knocked down a 50-foot section of the eastern span of the bay bridge, a section that is now closed to traffic. back in 89, it was closed for a full month while they repaired it just to get it operational again, but that set the wheels in motion to get this seismic
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replacement in place, and we are in place. we are just not quite ready to go. we are about five days away from opening. once the closure happened, they are staging trucks there at the toll plaza on the oakland side of the bridge. they were staging trucks on the new eastern span, as well. one thing we saw tonight is the traffic barrier that was blocking off the new span from the s curve, one of the first things to be removed. the bridge, as we have said all night, closing. it closed at 8:00 right on schedule. one last commuter heading through the toll plaza, and moments later, it was a 1930 ford model a that went across. bob favor and his klassic car hand picked to be the very last one to officially cross the bridge because that car was one of the first to cross the bridge way back in 1936, and we're told that bob is going to be back in the same car. he will drive across the new
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span when it opens. kpix 5 christin ayers is at the toll plaza side of the bridge tonight sw what is happening there. >> i was here about three hours ago when the bridge officially shut down. now, if you look other my shoulder, you can see this is a full-blown construction site and see the number of work trucks that has zoomed into this area the second the bridge cloedz. they are hard at work on a massive paving job. so far, bridge officials are saying so far so good. >> for only the fifth time in its history, the bay bridge shut down entirely. it took only minutes for a parade of construction crews and highway patrol, lights flashing, to take over the approach to the toll plaza. their first task, a massive paving project from the mcarthur to the bridge. >> they're going to move into position and start grinding up soum asphalt. >> crews will bring in 1,000
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truckloads of new asphalt to create a whole new roadway. that will have to set for days before they can start striping, and while that's happening, a massive demolition project will begin further up the road on the approach to the actual bridge. >> they're going to be demolishing a 1,000-foot-long section of the original westbound approach on to the bridge. >> another thousand truckloads of coffin crete will be carried away after the demolition, a process that will make room for the bike path on the new bridge. bridge officials say these are the final finishing touches on a project that crews have been preparing for, for years. >> i think there's a sense of excitement and also some relief that all this work is about to finally pay off. >> you're going to tell your kids, hey, i was part of that bay bridge when they took down the old one and put up the new one so it's going to be good. >> and back out here live, you are looking at the finishing touches on this project that will leeld to the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. a lot of activity going on out
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here tonight. it looks like a lot of moving pieces but officials are telling us this is a very coordinated effort that crews have been preparing for, for a very long sdpierjs they also say, allen, that it is very unlikely they would miss that monday deadline. they say they are on track to hit it at this point. back to you. >> let's hope so. christin ayers, thanks very much. we've been able to hear street sweepers, sandblasting noises, grinding all coming from below on the new span of the bay bridge. people are going to have to get creative to get around. let 's take a look at some of those tonight to see how traffic is moving. right now, pretty smooth sailing on the golden gate bridge. also, san mateo is moving well, too. we're going to see what happens, though, during the morning commute tomorrow. that will be the first real test. let's check in with kiet do. he is on the road right now driving from san francisco to san jose. >> yes. we are live on 11 southbound
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here. we got on the freeway just about 30 seconds ago from 7th and harrison, and if you can see, it is pretty smooth sailing out here. looks like everybody is taking these traffic warnings to heart, staying off the roads. looks like there is very, very light traffic at this hour. hopefully it holds up for tomorrow, and hope people can get to work and school and wherever they need to go very easily. plan ahead, guys. we are live on highway 101 southbound. i'm kiet do. kpix 5. >> all right. be safe, kiet. bart is going to run trains 24/7 through monday evening, as well. overnight service will, however, be limited. we're told the embarcadero station in san francisco earlier tonight was packed, and one conductor told us it was quite a bit busier than usual, as you might expect, and expect that over the next five days. ac transit will also have extra buses to four east bay bart stations. there will be some additional ferry services for you, as well,
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and caltran s is going to be running bike shuttles. to help you get around, though, we have a survival guide on our web site, moving on to the fires, now, it is the fastest-growing wild fire in the nation, and we're seeing new images to prove it. check out this time-lapse video capturing the rim fire in action. so far flames have charred more than 187,000 acres in yosemite national park. today the california air national guard launched an unmanned drone to help crews pinpoint hot spots. air national guards men have dropped 88,000 gallons of water on the fire since august 20th. the 129th rescue wing is the only air national guard unit certified to fight this fire from the air. we sent our ken bastida to the front lines to check out the
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damage firsthand. >> we want to show viewers just how devastating this fire is so take a look. this is completely scorched earth, and it goes on for miles and miles and miles, all the way to hetch, hetchy. then over my other shoulder, you see the power lines that are going to hetch hetchy. those power lines tonight have no power in them. that was burned out by the fire. >> you saw the smoke over ken's shoulder. that's nothing compare today this huge cloud hanging over downtown grove land. 40 miles away. an 18-year-old skate border took this terrifying photo. families in fairfield returned to their burned-out homes to save anything they could salvage. this is the rubble left after strong winds blew the fire from one house to the next. five homes burned to the ground. ten others are damaged. nearly 50 people were evacuated. no one was hurt.
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the obama administration will soon release what it says is proof the syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians. tells us tonight it looks like when, not if the u.s. will attack. >> president obama says he has not yet decided how the u.s. will respond to syria's alleged chemical weapons attack against its own people, but the president is sure of this. >> we have conclude that the syrian got, in fact, carried these out. >> the chemical weapons attack killed more than 300 people, mostly women and children. u.s. weapons inspectors are still in damascus taking blood and tissue sample from survivors but could be several days until their work is done. british prime minister promised to wait for that report and called an emergency meeting of parliament thursday. one british and one american submarine are already in the
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eastern mediterranean along with four american destroyers and a fifth on the way. they are all armed with cruze missiles. president obama is down playing another large-scale engagement in the middle east. >> i have no interest in any kind of open-ended conflict in syria, but we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us that they were held accountable. >> the white house plans to brief high-ranking members of congress during a conference call on thursday. some lawmakers are expectsed to get a classified u.s. intelligence report detailing the case against the regime. well, bay area sports fans arrested and a smashed-up windshield was just the beginning. what they're accused of doing to a rival who weighed the other team's colors. an office romance reportedly involving one of silicon valley's most high-profile couple. and why one bay area city is
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turning off lights to save the birds. and one last trip down memory lane before the old bay bridge closed for good. nearly it's 70 degrees in downtown san francisco today 80s inland, livermore 88. we have a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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u.s. marshalls just arrested two people they say took things way too far before a soccer match tweeven the san jose earthquakes and the portland timbers back in april. they are 29-year-old jennifer marqez and 21-year-old vargas. both are now in jail charged with harassment and disorderly conduct among other offenses. portland police say just before the match at field, the two along with several other earthquakes fans, viciously attacked a 40-year-old timbers fan in the parking lot. you can see his windshield was smashed. his car a mess. marqez and vargas will be extradited to oregon. police have identified the other suspects and say chargings are pending. well, one bay area city is a little darker tonight. san francisco is shutting off some light but not to save power. kpix 5 brian webb shows what the city is trying to save instead.
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brian. >> apparently birds have really good night vision, but if you shine a light in their path, it can blind them, confuse them, and cause unnecessary cases of death by window. bright lights on big buildings can be bad news for birds so why not save a few lives with the flip of a switch. >> i think it's silly. i like my lights on. >> the birds flying into it, is that a problem. >> i'm glad you asked. the two-year-old lights out program that sounds uniquely san francisco is actually going on in other cities like chicago, but here the program is turning its focus to city-owned buildings. so far seven of the city's ten tallest buildings are on board. >> anywhere where there are tall buildings and a flyway, birds fly with those buildings. >> david osman with the department of environment tells me several studys and thousands of dead birds at the base of big buildings shows that millions of birds can be spared the sudden impact of beak to glass. >> there were no light shining. they would see it as an obstacle
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and fly around, but the lights confuse them, and they fly right into the building. >> and we're not talking about seagulls and pigeons here but migrating birds over california mainly in the fall. >> i think the lights off is going to make birds more likely to hit the building. >> bird-safe buildings come with the added benefit of lower electric billing plus the pleasure of knowing you're saving the lives of our flying feathered fans. >> i didn't know they did that here but, yeah, why not save the birds and energy. >> so far only a handful are on board like this one, but officials are hoping over the next couple of years the program really takes off. >> participating buildings would only need to keep the lights out from september to november when they -- most of the birds migrate through the bay area. martin luther king's son took the stage in washington today, the same place where 50 years ago, his dad delivered that famous speech.
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danielle nottingham with the king's family dream for the 21st century. >> 50 years to the day and dr. martin luther king jr.'s i have a dream speech, a crowd once again lined the reflecting pool, but the most visible sign of america's progress since that day in 1963, the featured speaker wasn't a black preacher from atlanta. it was the first black president. >> barack obama. >> because they marched, city council is changed and congress change and had, yes, eventually the white house changed. >> at 3:00, the hour in which dr. king delivered his speech, bells rang. martin luther king, iii, says his naur's dream is closer to being realized than it was in 1963, but there's still a long road ahead. >> we still have significant challenges around unemployment of young people specifically, young african americans and young from all communities. we still have challenges as it
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relates to violence. >> problems that can be overcome, he said, by following his father's advice, to reach across the divide and work together. in washington, danielle nottingham, kpix 0. 8:00, the bay bridge closed to traffic. 8:00 crews and trucks were staged ready to begin the transformation to the new eastern span, and they have been hard at work for about three hours now, more than three hours, as a matter of fafkt. and, you know, the hours before the bridge closed, a lot of people were racing to get across. kie t do shows us some people raced to say good-bye. >> don't you have a better place to be right now. >> i do, but i want him to have a memory, lasting memory of the bridge. >> the southern shore of treasure island was the place to be for those who grew up driving the bridge every day, those who feel a special bond and love it. >> going to miss the architecture and that style of
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that particular bridge. we both love her. >> it was a bittersweet sunrise for rick, who choked back tears to take one last photo this morning. >> i would love to just capture the very last day of it and just make, you know, a moe mentous occasion of it. >> the flood of nostalgia continued on social immediate media. dozens of them all shot within the past few days, page after page, ouven with one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand on the camera. many of them tagged with lines like "good-bye old friend". >> it's painful, but, you know, change and, you know, grieve and go on. >> there are a couple of lucky people who will get a front row seat to all the action. they live and work on treasure island but can only come and go with a chp escort. on treasure island, kiet do, kpix 5. >> and deconstruction of the old bridge is going to take three
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years because of the environmental concerns with the bay. they simply cannot just explode it and have it drop in the water. they have to dismantle it piece by piece. it cannot collapse into the water. some of the old bridge, that steel is going to be kept for historic purposes. most of it, though, going to be recycled or sold for scrap. the total price tag to take it down, $240 million. taking down candle stick park, you can buy a seat. you should be able to buy a piece of metal of the old bridge. look outside right now, low cloud cover and fog developing. we stayed clear for awhile, but, man, that fog rolled in 7:00, 8:00, and it is quite foggy as we look up toward tower right now, a foggy start to your day tomorrow. a lot of you are going to get reacquainted with san rafael the next couple days, maybe taking the san rafael richmond bridge to work or from work. a lot of morning fog tomorrow. you'll get plenty of afternoon sunshine, though, high of 84 and
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your microclimate forecast is for morning fog, sunshine with high of 85. really pleasant weather, and this is the reason why. pretty strong storm system, early fallish slamming into the pacific northwest. we're getting an impact for this because as that low pressure has counter clock wise flow around it, it's sending it toward the bay area in the form of a light on shore flow. that's good for us because we get warm but don't get hot. it cuts the heat just a little bit. as that low works its way closer to us over the weekend and gets stronger it's going to kick up murn that ocean influence and that light on shore flow will go to moderate to strong. what that means for you, more cloud cover likely spilling over in the afternoon and much cooler temperatures. if you live away from the water, it's going to be about ten degrees cooler than labor day than what it will be coming up this friday so more of the same the next couple days. beautiful weather to get outside. we begin the cooldown on saturday and that will continue, kind of hit its peak on sunday and labor day monday. great day tomorrow to get outside. san jose 82, exactly where you should be this time of year.
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palo alto 84. san mateo 80. hayward 74 degrees. concord you hit 89 tomorrow. san ramon, mrez san ton upper 80s. san leandro 73. windsor tomorrow 89 degrees. mild through friday. we start cooling down on saturday, and the cooldown will hit its bottom, if you will, on sunday and,,,,,,,,,,
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inning allowing runs. oakland pounded out 21 hits inclouding two home runs from brandon moss. his three-run shot in the 8th puts oakland up 14 to 1. moss had a career high six rbi, and the a's win 14 to 4. pablo sandoval giving hunter pence a quick sal sa dancing lesson. looking good. including buster posey to end the 6th. tied at one when the rockies played four runs, two on former giant ground rule double. colorado would hang onto win 5 to 4. it is time for your wednesday night top five. mets andrew brown pops up to phillies catcher. nobody is covering third. eric young, jr., tags up and moves up for the stolen base. at no. 4, atlanta center fielder b. j. up ton with the 9th diving catch to rob cleveland's carlos santana.
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der reck jeter with the dooifg stop and throws from his knees to get the runner at first. blake griffin isn't the only one who can jump a car. check out raiders running back jones who wins a bet with his friends. that looks like a bigger car than blake jumps. no. 1, can you count how many tackles breaks during this run? we think it's nine for the michigan. we'll be right back.,,,,
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when brands compete, you save, but this special financing offer ends labor day at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . taking a live look now at the bay bridge toll plaza where the bridge officially closed at 8:00 p.m., and now the work begins. the crews there into the night to have the new bridge reopened. david letterman is next with medal of honor recipient staff sergeant ty carter, a bay area native. and we're starting to see a little convoy of trucks coming through on the new eastern span. as exciting as it is to see this transformation start, we know it's going to affect your morning commute. be sure and tune in for a special edition of kpix 5 morning news tomorrow beginning at 4:00 a.m., the first full day of the bridge closure.
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